Courses and Workshop Materials

Multivariate Statistics
Graduate-level course

Analysis of multivariable data emphasizing unsupervised and supervised learning methods

  • Introduction to Multivariate
  • Missing Data Analysis
  • Gadgets
  • Multidimensional Scaling
  • Heirarchical Clustering
  • K-Means Clustering
  • Latent Profile Analysis
  • Evauating Predictive Models
  • Building Predictive Models
  • Multilevel Modeling
  • Advanced Multilevel Modeling
  • Agent Based Modeling

Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Undergraduate-level course

R based demonstration of common methods used in industrial and organizational research and practice

  • Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Scale Validation
  • Meta-analysis
  • Personality Faking Detection
  • Selection
  • Adverse Impact Analysis
  • Social Network Analysis for Undirected Networks
  • Social Network Analysis for Directed Networks

Undergraduate-level course

Overview of common inferential tests of hypotheses with accompanying R code

  • Central Tendency and Variability
  • One-Sample t tests
  • Two-Independent samples t test
  • One-way ANOVA
  • Post Hoc Tests
  • Repeated Measures ANOVA
  • Two-Way ANOVA
  • Correlations
  • Linear Regression
  • Multiple Regression

Webscraping with Python

Overview of how to scrape data from the internet using the Python programming language via the BeautifulSoup library

  • Slides
  • Python Workbook

Introduction to Bayesian Statistics

Introduction to three common concepts used by Bayesian researchers (Bayes Factor, Credibility Intervals, and Sequential Testing). Discusses their intuition and application in organizational research

  • Slides