Software and Applications Developed
Social Aggregation

Determine the extent that people in a room prefer to sit next other people who are similar to them. Create a seating chart in a spreadsheet, and the program will calculate whether the number of people sitting next to similar others in that room is unlikely if people were simply choosing their seats randomly.


Text Analysis Lexicon Counter (TALC)

A free alternative to the Lingusitic Inquiry Word Count (LIWC). A user provides a text file of words/phrases and another text file(s) to analyze. The program calculates the proportion of words in the documents relating to the consutrct of interest.


Desire2Learn (D2L) Easy Multiple Choice Quiz Creator

Easily create a Desire2Learn (D2L) formatted multiple choice quiz by entering in a question with question options. Indicate the correct answer with an asterisk. Separate each question with a blank line. The quiz creator then outputs a D2L formatted CSV that can be downloaded and imported into the D2L quiz creator.